Nutpower for cats and dogs, oil based supplement.

Nutpower for cats and dogs, oil based supplement.
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  • Manufacturer: VetCur Biotec ApS
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NutPower is an oil based supplement for cats and dogs.

NutPower is concentrated nutrition from nuts, kernels and seeds. Nuts, seeds and kernels are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Depending on source, they provide an assortment of nutrients, that nourish the immune system, delivers energy and boots the digestive tract.

Like all plant foods, nuts, seeds and kernels are an incomplete protein source, but can be combined with other foods to improve protein digestion, to help building tissues, enzymes, hormones and the body in general.

Nuts, seeds and kernels are rich in a broad spectrum of vitamins like: vitamin C, D, E, K and all B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium, as well as arginine, methionine, histidine, tyrosine and the list goes on... A supplement of nuts, kernels and seeds is of great value to maintain and boost body functions. It is like all natural vitamin and mineral feed supplement.


Organic canola oil, almond-sweet, fenugreek, flax, fennel, apricot seeds, annatto seeds, guarana, flea seeds, nasturium, nettle seeds, gumbo, visnaga, horse chestnut, betel nut.

Easy to use. Instructions on bottle.